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Chicony Power reports first three quarters EPS of NT$5.26, up 30.8% YoY

  Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd. (6412.TW) today announced its consolidated financial results for the third quarter of 2021. For the quarter, net profit hit all-time high and reached NT$820 million, up by 24.3% QoQ and 11.9% YoY. Amid the challenges of unfavorable exchange rate trends and rising raw material costs, the company has managed to deliver stable margins, with gross margin, operating margin, and net margin all improving QoQ and reaching 18.2%, 9.2% and 8.1%, respectively. Meanwhile, EPS came in at NT$2.09, the second-highest in the history. For the first three quarters, EPS increased 30.8% YoY to NT$5.26, hitting a new record high and better than market expectation.

For 3Q21, Chicony Power’s consolidated revenues also hit a record high and arrived in NT$10,130million, up by 5.2% QoQ and by 4.9% YoY. Gross margin was 18.2%, down by 2.2ppt YoY but up by 0.2ppt QoQ. Operating margin was 9.2%, down by 1.2ppt YoY but up by 0.5ppt QoQ. Net margin was 8.1%, up by 0.5ppt YoY and 1.2ppt QoQ. Meanwhile, operating profit reached NT$931 million, down by 7.5% YoY but up 10.5% QoQ. Net profits attributable to owners of the parent was NT$820 million, up by 11.9% YoY and 24.3% QoQ. Basic EPS was NT$2.09, up by 10.6% YoY and 24.4% QoQ.

  For the first three quarters of 2021, the company’s accumulated consolidated revenue reached NT$29,739 million, up by 16.1% YoY. Gross profit and operating profit were NT$5,223 million and NT$2,546 million, up by 9.4% and 17.8% YoY, respectively. Net profits attributable to owners of the parent was NT$2,059 million, up by 32.4% YoY. Basic EPS rose 30.8% YoY to NT$5.26. Annualized ROE also hit a record high in the same period and reached 27.8%.

  Chicony Power also announced its unaudited consolidated revenue of NT$3,591million, up by 7.3% YoY, for October 2021. For the first ten months, accumulated revenues also reach a new high in the same period and totaled NT$33,332 million, up by 15.1% YoY.

Highlights of 3Q21 Consolidated Income Statement:
(NT$ million) 3Q21 2Q21 QoQ % 3Q20 YoY %
Net Sales 10,130 9,627 5.2 9,656 4.9
Gross Profit 1,844 1,732 6.4 1,969 -6.3
Operating Profit 931 842 10.5 1,006 -7.5
Pre-tax income 1,011 841 20.2 949 6.5
Net Income attributable to parent 820 660 24.3 733 11.9
After Tax EPS (NT$) 2.09 1.68 24.4 1.89 10.6
Profit margins %          
GPM 18.2 18 +0.2ppt 20.4 -2.2ppt
OPM 9.2 8.7 +0.5ppt 10.4 -1.2ppt
NPM 8.1 6.9 +1.2ppt 7.6 +0.5ppt
Highlights of 1~3Q21 Consolidated Income Statement:
(NT$ million) 1~3Q21 1~3Q20 YoY %
Net Sales 29,739 25,605 16.1
Gross Profit 5,223 4,773 9.4
Operating Profit 2,546 2,162 17.8
Pre-tax income 2,603 2,007 29.7
Net Income attributable to parent 2,059 1,555 32.4
After Tax EPS (NT$) 5.26 4.02 30.8
Profit margins %      
GPM 17.6 18.6 -1.0ppt
OPM 8.6 8.4 +0.2ppt
NPM 6.9 6.1 +0.8ppt


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