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Welfare and Institution

  • Issuance of holiday bonus for the important Chinese holidays- Labour Day, Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • In accordance of operating conditions and individual performance, the year-end bonus is issued.
  • Surplus is raised and dividends are distributed depending on operating conditions and individual performance.
  • Providing colleagues with a sound insurance planning, including labor insurance and National Health Insurance.Group insurance.
  • The company offers labor pension.
  • Actively holding health management activities, such as health talks and weight loss advice.
  • In-plant full-time nurse set to care for the health of colleagues.
  • Setting the pregnant breastfeeding room for female employees.
  • The meal allowance.
  • Issuance of maternity benefits, injury, hospitalization emergency, marriage, and funeral allowance.
  • Employee travel grants per year.
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Join Chicony

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