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Chicony Power reports record revenue and profits in 2019. EPS was NT$4.51.

Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd. (6412.TW) today held its investor conference and announced financial results for fiscal 2019. Consolidated revenues for the full year reached NT$34,415 million, up by 10.0% year-over-year. Consolidated gross profit rose to NT$5,634 million, a 28.5% year-over-year increase. Consolidated operating profit grew 54.7% year-over-year to NT$2,200 million. Net profits attributable to owners of the parent was NT$1,720 million, up by 67.0% year-over-year, with a basic EPS of NT$4.51, up 65.8% on a year-over-year basis. Thanks to the company’s efforts in optimizing product mix and cost structure, Chicony Power had a strong finish to 2019 and reported record-breaking consolidated annual revenues, gross profits, operating profits, net profits, EPS, operating margin, and return on equity (ROE) ratio.

In addition, Chincony Power’s Board of Directors today resolved to propose a cash dividend of NT$3.20 per share. For the past 7 years, the company’s dividend payout ratio has consistently exceeded 70%.

Highlights of 4Q19 Consolidated Income Statement:
(NT$ million) 4Q19 4Q18 YoY %
Net Sales 8,883 8,366 6.2
Gross Profit 1,486 1,180 26.0
Operating Profit 523 475 10.2
Pre-tax income 535 387 38.1
Net Income attributable to parent 389 275 41.3
After Tax EPS (NT$) 1.02 0.72 41.7
Profit margins %      
GPM 16.7 14.1 +2.6ppt
OPM 5.9 5.7 +0.2ppt
NPM 4.4 3.3 +1.1ppt


Highlights of 2019 Consolidated Income Statement:
(NT$ million) 2019 2018 YoY %
Net Sales 34,415 31,292 10.0
Gross Profit 5,634 4,384 28.5
Operating Profit 2,200 1,422 54.7
Pre-tax income 2,220 1,335 66.3
Net Income attributable to parent 1,720 1,030 67.0
After Tax EPS (NT$) 4.51 2.72 65.8
Profit margins %      
GPM 16.4 14.0 +2.4ppt
OPM 6.4 4.5 +1.9ppt
NPM 5.0 3.3 +1.7ppt


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