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Chicony Power reported a record-breaking second quarter operating profit

Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd. (6412.TW) today held its investor conference and announced its consolidated financial results for the second quarter of 2019. Consolidated revenues for the second quarter continued to hit a record high for the same period and reached NT$8,309 million, up by 8.0% year-over-year. Thanks to a more favorable product mix and an improved cost structure, Chicony Power’s consolidated gross profit increased to NT$1,335 million, up by 31.5% year-over-year. Consolidated operating profit also hit an all-time-high for the same period and reached NT$529 million, up significantly by 161.4% year-over-year. Net profits attributable to owners of the parent was NT$335 million, up by 50.3% year-over-year, with a basic EPS of NT$0.88, up 49.2% compared to the same period last year.

For the first half of 2019, the company’s accumulated consolidated revenues reached NT$15,538 million, up by 11.5% year-over-year. Consolidated gross profit and operating profit were NT$2,372 and NT$827 million, up by 30.5% and 135.0% year-over-year, respectively. Net profits attributable to owners of the parent was NT$663 million, up by 53.1% year-over-year. Basic EPS for first half of 2019 also reached a record high for the same period and increased 52.6% year-over-year to NT$1.74.

Chicony Power also announced its unaudited consolidated revenue of NT$3,274 million for July 2019, up by around 10.1% month-over-month and 15.0% year-over-year, recording the highest ever monthly sales. Since January, the company’s monthly revenues have continued to hit record highs for the same period for seven consecutive months. For the first seven months, accumulated revenues totaled NT$18,812 million, up by 12.1% year-over year.

Highlights of 2Q19 Consolidated Income Statement:
(NT$ million) 2Q19 2Q18 YoY %
Net Sales 8,309 7,692 8.0
Gross Profit 1,335 1,016 31.5
Operating Profit 529 203 161.4
Pre-tax income 445 282 57.6
Net Income attributable to parent 335 223 50.3
After Tax EPS (NT$) 0.88 0.59 49.2
Profit margins %      
GPM 16.1 13.2 +2.9ppt
OPM 6.4 2.6 +3.7ppt
NPM 4.0 2.9 +1.1ppt


Highlights of 1H19 Consolidated Income Statement:
(NT$ million) 1H19 1H18 YoY %
Net Sales 15,538 13,930 11.5
Gross Profit 2,372 1,818 30.5
Operating Profit 827 352 135.0
Pre-tax income 844 512 64.8
Net Income attributable to parent 663 433 53.1
After Tax EPS (NT$) 1.74 1.14 52.6
Profit margins %      
GPM 15.3 13.1 +2.2ppt
OPM 5.3 2.5 +2.8ppt
NPM 4.3 3.1 +1.2ppt


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