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IWA Platform Wins Platinum Award for Excellent Intelligent Green Building System

「2019 TIBA AWARDS」 and 「2020 APIGBA AWARDS – Taiwan Primary Selection」 together organized by Taiwan Intelligent Building Association (TIBA) and Asia-Pacific Intelligent Green Building Alliance (APIGBA), had announced the winning list of candidates the other day.

IWA smart building management platform, developed by Chicony Power Technology, have won the platinum award of 「Excellent Intelligent Green Building System」category with its unique AI algorithm, friendly interaction interface and effective integration of cross- domain knowledge. The awards ceremony and presentation will be held on August 29th in Room 301 of NTUH International Convention Center.

IWA smart building management platform, based on big data analysis, IoT and AI algorithm, is able to integrate building sub-systems such as HVAC, curtains, lighting, energy management, access control, and so on. Chicony Power proudly presents IWA system platform to enable buildings to feel, to think, to react and to dialogue.

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