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IWA Smart Building Solution & High-Efficiency Motors from Chicony Power Take Spotlight at 2019 Smart City Expo

Global power supply leader Chicony Power Technology’s innovative business groups, IST BU and EMT BU, jointly exhibited at 2019 Smart City Expo. IST BU announced the new conceptual smart green building solution – IWA smart building management platform, while EMT BU displayed high-efficiency and energy-saving motors.

IWA smart building management platform, based on data analysis and IoT technology, integrates air conditioning, curtains, lighting, electricity, access control, property management, facilities management system, and so on. With IWA platform, IST BU demonstrated the Building Information Modeling (BIM) dashboard at the booth, using 3D architectural graphics interface for real-time environmental information and power monitoring.

IST BU also exhibited a number of well-designed hardware products such as wireless sensors and gateways, digital logic controllers and intelligent power meters. Through building a software-hardware platform applied for solutions of smart building, IST BU expects to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient living environment.

On the other hand, EMT BU revealed self-developed high-efficiency permanent magnet motors for water pumps and fans – IMD, IEC, and R2R series. With compact size, lightweight, high torque, low noise and low vibration, the three models’ efficiency level can reach IE4+ (where IMD model can reach IE5), resulting in energy consumption reduction.

EMT BU also showed the pump and fan system driven by the IEC and IMD model respectively. Among them, the pump system was equipped with an induction motor and IEC model separately. According to the field test data, IEC model ran with lower input current and temperature and could cut down the energy consumption by over 15% compared with the induction motor under the same conditions (the head, flow, speed of the pump system).

Embracing the vision of “making building born for people”, IST BU employs unique algorithms to develop cross-building and -region IWA smart building management platform, along with high-efficiency and energy-saving motors manufactured by EMT BU, to jointly construct smart green buildings capable of feeling, thinking and coexistence with nature.

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