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Corporate Governance

Organization for Corporate Governance

RBA Silver Certification
Department Functions
Server and High Power Business Unit
(abbreviated as SH Business Unit)
Organize the R&D, business management, material purchasing, production management, and after sales services for high wattage products of the Company, such as the power supply for desktop computers, game consoles, workstations, servers, storage devices, and satellite communications.
Mini Power Business Unit
(abbreviated as MP Business Unit)
Organize the R&D, business management, material purchasing, production management, and after sales services for low wattage products of the Company, such as the power supply for notebooks, printers, smart homes, and consumer products.
LED Business Unit Organize the R&D, business management, material purchasing, production management and after sales services for LED application products of the Company.
Magnetics Business Unit
(abbreviated as MAG Business Unit)
Organize the R&D, business management, material purchasing, production management and after sales services for the magnetic component products of the Company.
Intelligent System Technology Business Unit
(abbreviated as IST Business Unit)
Organize the R&D, business management, material purchasing, construction management and after sales services for the smart buildings of the Company.
Procurement Center Organize the purchase of materials for various products.
Quality Center Organize the quality control, parts engineering, safety certification, and the customer management for after–sales service.
Technical Center Integrate and make flexible use of the technology resource of the Company, assist each business unit for technology development and have the technology transferred to each unit. Long-term development of new technology to accumulate the technology capability.
Financial Center Organize the finance, accounting, stock affairs, custom affairs and the import/export business.
Administration Management Division Organize the human resource, general administration, ethical management and sustainable development business.
Occupational Safety Office Discuss, plan, monitor and implement the industry safety and health management matters.
MIS Division Organize MIS and cyber security of the Company.
Audit Office Audit and evaluate the internal control system of the Company, and the implementation of all regulations and systems.

Implementation of Board diversity
RBA Silver Certification

The company places a strong emphasis on gender equality in the composition of the board of directors. Currently, there are 2 female directors, accounting for 29% of the total. Each director has a wealth of education and experience, and possesses the necessary work experience and expertise required for the company's business. In summary, the policy of diversifying the board of directors has been effectively implemented.

Sustainability Development Committee

  Chicony Power, in fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, is committed to respecting social ethics and the rights of other stakeholders. While pursuing sustainable operation and profitability, we place importance on factors related to the environment, society, and corporate governance. These factors are integrated into our company management and operations. We hold meetings annually in the fourth quarter to discuss these matters.

RBA Silver Certification

Team Responsible Unit(s) Functions
Corporate governance President's Office,Business Department,Procurement Center,Finance Center,Administrative Management Division Corporate governance, sustainable operation, ethics and integrity, business performance and risk control
Customer relationships and supplier management Business Department,Procurement Center,Quality Center Supplier management, customer satisfaction, and product promotion by increasing visibility
Green products Business Department,Procurement Center,Quality Center,Intellectual Property Division, Technology Center Raw materials control, green materials, and product design
Environmental sustainability Business Department, Administrative Management Division, Procurement Center Pollution source management,greenhouse gas management, energy management, climate change adaptation/management, and renewable energy management
Employee care Business Department, Administrative Management Division, Welfare Committee Remuneration & benefits,labor management relations,talent cultivation,and occupational health and safety
Social participation Administrative Management Division,Welfare Committee Communication with local residents, supporting disadvantaged groups, and participation in charitable activities

  The implementation units have proposed their management/control strategies and approaches for identified and potential risks. The Company's "Sustainability Development Committee" reported to the board of director on November 2, 2023. The report included the environmental, social and corporate governance material issues related to the Company's operations, and the implementation status of corresponding risk management measures.

Risk Category Potential Risks Management Strategies and Approaches
Climate Risk Dramatic changes in weather patterns;Production is affected by natural disasters, water shortages, or power outages 1. The Company's factories communicate with local governments, and request to be listed as priority areas for electricity and water supply.
2. Invest resources in disaster prevention measures, and conduct regular service and maintenance.
3. Conduct Risk Effectiveness Assessment for regions where raw material suppliers are located.
4. Introduce relevant energy management systems to factories, and evaluate the possibility of renewable energy facilities installation.
5. Set flood-prevention & dewatering systems and emergency response measures in all factories.
Environmental Risk Global warming(GHG emissions increase) 1. Conduct GHG inventory and obtain third-party certification: The Taipei Headquarters, Suzhou Factory, Chongqing Factory and Dongguan Factory are all ISO-14064 certified.
2. Set science-based carbon reduction targets (SBT), which was approved on August 10, 2022. Continue the implementation of various energy saving and carbon reduction measures in the Taipei Headquarters and all factories.
3. Increase R&D investment in products with high energy efficiency to reduce products' carbon emissions.
4. Increase the percentage of eco-friendly materials used in products to reduce the generation of non-recyclable waste.
Occupational Safety and Health Risk Employee workplace safety 1. The Taipei Headquarters, Suzhou Factory, Chongqing Factory, Dongguan Factory and Thailand Factory have all obtained ISO 45001 occupational safety and health management systems certification.
2. Regular onsite patrols and inspections are carried out by the EHS teams in the Taipei Headquarters and all factories to reduce hazards and risks.
3. Conduct work environment monitoring to ensure that the workplace environment will not affect the health of employees.
Fire/explosion risk 1. Disciplinary measures have been formulated for violations of safety regulations related to electric soldering iron and high temperature heating equipment (such as heat gun, hot glue gun, etc.), and employees are required to pay high attention to fire/explosion hazards.
2. In addition to the existing management/control measures for soldering irons, the "Soldering Iron Real-name System" has been implemented from this year onwards, which requires the labels of users or keepers to be displayed to ensure that every soldering iron is well kept and maintained.
3. Adding foolproof cover to countdown timer: For the existing high temperature heating equipment that cannot automatically cool down, an automatic power off countdown timer should be installed. Moreover, in order to avoid countdown timer failure caused by operator's wrong touch when setting or switching-off the timer, protection covers have been provided for operators to use on the countdown timers to reduce the chance of wrong touch.
COVID-19 pandemic 1. Develop "COVID-19 Response & Control Plan", and designate occupational medical and nursing personnel to work with the Administrative Management Division to implement the Plan.
2. Establish a pandemic prevention reporting system for the Administrative Management Division to keep track of employees' health status in a timely manner.
3. Conduct health care and tracking for high-risk employees, and pay attention to employees' health conditions at all times.
4. Conduct regular environmental disinfection to provide a healthy environment for employees.
Information Risk 1. Information system anomalies
2. Malicious intrusion into and destruction of the system by external attacks
1. Set up security measures such as firewall, antivirus software, cloud ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) email protection solutions, etc. for the system. IT personnel conduct regular checking and testing, and build up complete anti-intrusion and anti-virus mechanisms.
2. Detect the websites that the Company's users access, and block anomalous connections.
3. Perform firewall and internal network vulnerability scanning on a quarterly basis, and patch vulnerabilities based on the scanning report results.
4. Strengthen disaster prevention, monitoring, reporting mechanism, anomalies management, and regular disaster recovery drills as well as implement backup mechanisms.
5. Conduct quarterly advocacy of information security to raise the awareness of information security among employees. Introduce the ISO 27001 systems; the certification is scheduled to be obtained in 2023.
Financial Risk Risks of exchange rate fluctuations For USD receivable / payable positions from goods purchase and sales, natural hedging through mutual offsetting shall be adopted. For USD net positions after offsetting and the possible flows generated in the future, the Company will keep monitoring the global economic conditions, stay on top of global exchange rate trends, and hedge the risks through timely forward foreign exchange transactions.

Ethical Management

  Chicony Power adheres to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) guidelines and has developed a " Codes of Ethical Conduct" based on the "Ethical Conduct Guidelines for Listed and Publicly Traded Companies." This code encompasses compliance with legal requirements related to anti-corruption, bribery, insider trading, intellectual property rights, and proper information disclosure.

  To enhance employees' ethical awareness and understanding of regulatory compliance, Chicony Power has incorporated the " Codes of Ethical Conduct" into mandatory training for all employees. This training is conducted annually to deepen employees' commitment to strong ethical principles. Management is expected to lead by example, and all employees are required to not only demonstrate their professional competence but also uphold the highest ethical standards.

  Through annual corporate self-assessment of internal controls, Chicony Power continually evaluates employees' awareness of and adherence to the Codes of Ethical Conduct, aiming to strengthen the overall effectiveness of the internal control environment.

RBA Silver Certification

2023 Integrity Operation Execution Report as follows:
(1) The company has established a 'Whistleblowing Complaint Procedure' to provide employees and partners with an official channel to report unlawful activities.
(2) To strictly adhere to ethical and self-discipline standards, all colleagues have signed an 'Integrity Pledge,' and new employees do so upon joining.
(3) This year, improper benefits prohibition training was conducted for new employees, totaling 106 individuals.
(4) In line with the principle of respecting intellectual property rights, it was reiterated that colleagues are prohibited from installing unauthorized software.
(5) The company and its employees are not allowed to directly or indirectly provide, promise, request, or receive any form of improper benefits during the course of business activities. Benefits include money, gifts, commissions, positions, services, privileges, kickbacks, etc. There were no reports or complaints of improper benefit incidents this year.
(6) The definition of ethical operation has been disclosed on the official website and promoted on electronic bulletin boards on various floors.

Information Security Management

  The Chicony Power Corporation headquarters has obtained ISO 27001:2013 International Standard Certification for Information Security Management Systems, valid from August 2, 2023, to October 31, 2025.You can download the certificate. ...Certificate

  Customer privacy and confidential information protection is the main reason for customers' willingness to establish a long-term partnership with Chicony Power. Therefore, the Companyis committed to safeguarding customers' information and protecting the rights and interests of customers

2022 Information Security Management

1. Employees' biannual social engineering email drills and testing have been completed.

2. One online social engineering training session has been conducted.

3. No complaints about the infringement of customers' confidential information occurred in 2022.

4. No information-security-related complaint documents were received from external and supervisory agencies.

Information Security Organizational Structure:

1. To implement the standardized policies for information security management in our company, an "Information Security Management Committee" has been established to oversee related matters. The committee is chaired by the top executive of the Information Department and led by the Information Department in terms of planning. Various business units collaborate to ensure the effectiveness of our company's information security management.

2. This committee is responsible for formulating information security management policies and conducting regular reviews and revisions.

3. The committee holds regular meetings to review the progress of implementation and reports to the General Manager annually on the progress and reviews.

Information Security Management Committee Organizational Structure:

RBA Silver Certification
Human Right Policy

Human Right Policy

  Chicony Power is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, and we support and participate in the "Responsible Business Alliance" by adhering to its Code of Conduct. We uphold the rights and welfare of our employees and abide by fundamental conventions such as the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and those established by the International Labour Organization. In line with these principles and the spirit of human rights protection embodied in these agreements, we have formulated our own human rights policy. We believe in our responsibility to respect and protect human rights. For more details, please refer to the attached RBA Code of Conduct 7.0.

RBA Code of Conduct
Chicony Power Human Rights
RBA Silver Certification
Employee Relations

Employee Relations

  We prioritize the health of our employees by providing regular health check-ups every two years and offering executive health screening packages to our supervisors. Last year, we expanded this executive health screening package to include senior employees with over 15 years of tenure. In 2023, we will extend it to employees with over 10 years of tenure, and in 2024, to those with over 5 years of tenure, allowing our employees to access comprehensive healthcare services every three years. This ensures that our employees can enjoy comprehensive health care and well-being.


The current mechanism is as follows:
Staff Health heck


And we have obtained the 2022 Sports Enterprise Certification.
2022 Sports Enterprise Certification

  To ensure the quality of life for our employees, Chicony Power provides salaries that exceed industry standards, allowing our hardworking staff to enjoy better compensation. Additionally, we conduct annual salary adjustments in line with market standards. For outstanding performance, we encourage our colleagues through a performance bonus system. Furthermore, we are proud to announce that on June 7, 2023, we once again received recognition by being selected for the "Taiwan High Salary 100 Index," reaffirming our commitment to providing competitive compensation and recognizing the efforts of our exceptional team members.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

2023/08/28 Chicony Power formally joins RE100 along
with its parent company Chicony Electronics,
commits to 100% renewable energy by 2030 and reaches net zero by 2050

  Chicony Power, guided by the principles of the "Corporate Social Responsibility Code of Practice," considers addressing climate change to be a responsibility for its sustainable operations. The company is committed to becoming a leading manufacturer in green components and consumer electronics. Chicony Power is also implementing Science Based Targets (SBTs) and setting reduction goals for waste management and water resource management.

  In accordance with the requirements of the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), the company has established its "Decade Carbon Reduction Target." Using the year 2020 as the baseline and aiming for the year 2030, the greenhouse gas reduction targets are as follows:


Tracking and Verification of SBTi Carbon Reduction Goals (Absolute and Intensity-Based):

2020 Base Year 2022 2030 Target Year
Emissions in SBTi-reviewed base year
Reduction percentage
compared to base year
SBTi Reviewed
Goal Emissions
Reduction percentage
compared to base year
Scope 1&2 46,521 38,925 -16.3% -8.4% Goal
26,982 -42%
Scope 3 32,167,148 23,164,138 -28.0% -5.0% Goal
24,125,361 -25%
2020 Base Year 2022 2030 Target Year
Emissions in SBTi-reviewed base year
Reduction percentage compared to base year SBTi Reviewed Goal Goal Emissions
Reduction percentage compared to base year
Scope 1&2 1,410 0.948 -32.8% -13.7% Goal
0.607 -56.8%
Scope 3 972.77 564.069 -42.0% -10.5% Goal
542.88 -44.2%


Invitation to Participate in the Business 1.5°C Forum by CommonWealth Magazine on June 15, 2023:
Alignment with Net Zero International Standards:
Business 1.5°C Forum

Tracking and Verification of Waste Intensity Reduction Targets in Accordance with SBTi Carbon Reduction Methodology, Using the Base Year 2020 and a 3% Annual Decrease in Waste Generation Intensity:

2020 Base Year 2022 2030 Target Year
Unit: Metric Tons/Million NTD) Unit: Metric Tons/Million NTD) Reduction percentage compared to base year Reviewed Goal Goal Unit: Metric Tons/Million NTD) Reduction percentage compared to base year
Waste Generation Intensity 0.088 0.083 -6.3% -6.0% Goal
0.062 -30%

Tracking and Verification of Water Withdraw Intensity Reduction Targets in Accordance with SBTi Carbon Reduction Methodology, Using the Base Year 2020 and a 3% Annual Decrease in Water Withdraw Intensity:

2020 Base Year 2022 2030 Target Year
Unit: m³/Million NTD) Unit: m³/Million NTD) Reduction percentage compared to base year Reviewed Goal Goal Unit: m³/Million NTD)) Reduction percentage compared to base year
Water withdraw Intensity 22.18 16.01 -27.8% -6% Goal
15.53 -30%

In addition to power products and LED applications, we utilize data analysis and AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) technologies to develop the "IWA (Intelligent Wireless Access) Smart Building Integration Management Platform." This platform incorporates elements of environmental friendliness, social responsibility, and corporate governance into product design, software and hardware integration, as well as professional energy consulting services. It offers a comprehensive solution with sustainable value for global customers. This initiative aligns with the Financial Supervisory Commission's "Reference Guidelines for Sustainable Economic Activities," particularly in the forward-looking economic activity domain. The company provides professional services related to building energy efficiency, adhering to the principles of sustainability.

Focusing on smart energy-saving solutions to create a sustainable and symbiotic environment.

  Chicony Power has implemented the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 50001 Energy Management System, and conducts annual greenhouse gas inventories. Our commitment is to become a leading manufacturer in green components and consumer electronics. Below are the relevant certification methods and third-party verification certificates:

System Certification Download Third-party Validity Period
Environmental Management
ISO 14001:2015 Taipei SGS 2021/10/19-2024/10/19
Dongguan BV 2023/01/13-2026/01/11
Suzhou SGS 2023/11/02-2026/11/01
Chongqing CQC 2023/03/17-2025/07/29
Thailand BSI 2021/09/07~2024/09/06
Occupational Health and
Safety Management System
ISO 45001:2018 Taipei SGS 2021/10/19-2024/10/19
Dongguan BV 2023/01/13-2026/03/15
Suzhou SGS 2023/09/04~2026/09/03
Chongqing CQC 2023/03/17~2025/07/21
Thailand BSI 2021/09/07~2024/09/06
Energy Management System ISO 50001:2018 Dongguan EACC 2023/09/27~2026/09/26
Suzhou WIT 2021/12/08-2024/12/07
Chongqing CQC 2022/07/12~2025/07/11
Greenhouse Gas Inventory ISO 14064-1:2018 Taipei SGS Greenhouse gas inventory for the
entire year of 2022 has been
completed for the major production
facilities by 2023.
Dongguan BV
Suzhou SGS
Chongqing SGS

Social Care

  Chicony Power is dedicated to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development through talent cultivation. In long-term collaboration with the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taipei University of Science and Technology, the company offers workplace experiential internships to current students, aiding their transition into the professional world. In 2022, a total of 16 students participated in these internships. Exceptional performers during their internships have the opportunity to transition to full-time employees after graduation, contributing to the company's research and development capabilities and fostering a mutually beneficial outcome.

  The work placement programs were further extended to Taipei Tech’s Department of intelligent Automation Engineering and National Chengchi University’s Department of Business Administration in 2022 to provide more diversified job competency practice opportunities.

Industry-Academia Collaboration
  Chicony Power places a strong emphasis on talent development and maintains a long-standing industry-academia collaboration with Taipei Tech University. We work closely with distinguished professionals in the field, including Professor Lai Yansheng from the power electronics academic community. Each year, in addition to providing 5 million NT dollars in research funding, we also offer scholarships and internship opportunities to exceptional students. Furthermore, we provide paid internships at their headquarters, allowing students to gain practical experience in research and factory management, with the goal of bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practical application.

Here are the relevant projects and expenditures related to the Industry-Academia Collaboration between Chicony Power and Taipei Tech University:

Item Period Amount(NTD)
Master’s degree programs in Taipei Tech’s College of Electronics Industrial Technology 2008~2022 12,050,000
Donation of robotic arms and other objects to Taipei Tech;"Chicony - Taipei Tech R&D Center" related expenditure,scholarships 2014~2022 22,237,199
Industry-academia collaboration projects carried out by Chicony Power and Taipei Tech 2014~2022 20,406,252

  By upholding the belief of "Take from society, give back to society", Chicony Power organizes twoblood donation campaign every year. In order to reduce cluster infection risks for COVID-19 pandemic prevention, this campaign was suspended in the first half of 2022; yet it was resumes in the second half of the year when the pandemic was slow down. Free lunch boxes were prepared for the employees participating in the campaign to thank for their kindness. It is hoped that such campaigns can help raise awareness of blood donation among the public to cope with the blood shortage in blood banks, and shall reinforce our employees’ sense of social responsibility.


  In addition, we provide the company's ground floor lobby as a venue each month, inviting nearby social welfare organizations to set up booths. Currently, we collaborate with 「育成社福基金會-慈育庇護工場」 in Wugu District, New Taipei City, and 「善愛社福協會附設小豆苗工作坊」in Banqiao District, New Taipei City. We also organize occasional charity sales.

  These activities have received enthusiastic responses from our employees, enabling disadvantaged groups in need to receive support and sustain their operations. We firmly believe that caring for the underprivileged is not only our responsibility but also one of our core values. We hope to integrate and utilize our resources to give back to society in a more effective way.

群電公益擺攤 群電愛心義賣

  In addition to the company's dedicated contributions, our colleagues often collaborate with other enthusiastic partners within the group to participate in charitable activities as a club. This collaborative approach allows us not only to integrate resources from various sources but also to collectively make a meaningful impact, bringing about positive changes for a broader spectrum of society. Below are the continuously updated contributions for 2023:

Month Social Welfare Organizations Amount(NTD)
Jan. 慈懷基金會 scholarship donations:66,400
伊甸基金會 material donations:6,866
Feb. 勵馨基金會 material donations:19 boxs
特殊教育學校 shopping donations:5,049
March 失親兒基金會 project donations:7,002
April 失親兒基金會 project donations:41,080
家扶中心 shopping donations:6,921
May 忠義基金會 carnival events:42,460‬
June 平安基金會 material donations:3,840
July 失親兒基金會 project donations:68,500
Aug. 門諾基金會 elderly care donations:13,971
Sep. 安得烈協會 shopping donations:12,921
鸞山部落530教室 shopping donations:8,314
Sustainable Value Chain

Sustainable Value Chain

  We are incorporating the concept of green design into the research and development of our new products. Our colleagues from relevant R&D units are collaborating to enhance product energy efficiency and compliance with chemical hazardous substance regulations in the design phase. We are also making efforts to use renewable and recyclable materials whenever possible. Chicony Power and our suppliers are working together as our most crucial strategic partners. In addition to providing valuable products and services to our customers, we are also focusing on societal and environmental values, striving towards a sustainable supply chain. Quanta Energy, based on cooperation, shares social and environmental responsibilities with our supply chain.

In 2022, we also awarded the Best Inventor Award for patents to encourage our colleagues to continue advancing in green design.
2022 CP Green Patent

  The Supplier Evaluation and Audit Team conducted assessments in four key areas: Business Transaction Management, Product Design and Development, Hazardous Substance Usage Management, and Quality Assurance System Management. In 2022, we added 16 new suppliers, all of which successfully completed evaluations in all four of these areas.


  In 2022, Chicony Power’s 37 Tier 1 suppliers were audited through online reviews (including SAQ self-assessment) or onsite inspections based on RBA-equivalent standards. All of them were classified as low-risk level. A total of 180 deficiencies were identified, of which 138 were listed as primary deficiencies, and 42 were listed as secondary deficiencies. 104 deficiencies were closed, and 76 remained under tracking. In addition to requiring and auditing Tier 1 suppliers to comply with the RBA standards, Chicony Power is also acting as a good role model to have its production factories all receive the RBA Silver Award Certification. It is hoped that this achievement will become an exemplar for suppliers to emulate, and to establish a sustainable value chain with us.

Audit results for Tier-1 suppliers (by reference to the RBA standards)

Deficiency Category Under tracking Closed Closed
Primary deficiency 69 69
Secondary deficiency 7 35

  The regular appraisal/feedback and positive audit results received from customers are Chicony Power's main motivation to achieve continuous customer service improvement, maintenance of high-performance output, and comprehensive quality control. As the best partner of customers, Chicony Power aims to maximize customer satisfaction by grasping market trends and providing professional product designs. Moreover, Chicony Power has continuously received many awards from partners since the Company was established.

The awards that Chicony Power received from partners in 2022 are shown in the table below.



The material issues for the Group's stakeholders and existing channels for communication are tabled below:

Major Issues
Communication Channels and Grievance Mechanism

Note: Regular and ad hoc communication/response conducted in accordance with channel, grievance mechanisms and stakeholder requirements.

Contact person and infomation:
Post address: 30F, No.69, Sec. 2, Guangfu Rd., Sanchong Dist.,New Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
E-mail: ADM Director

Communication Pipelines

Communication Pipelines and Complaint Feedback Mechanism

I. "The Implementation Measures of Reports and Complaints" is made to provide report and complaint pipeline, including:
Report and Complaint Box Address: 30F., No.69, Sec. 2, Guangfu Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 241, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

2. "Report and Complaint E-mail"
The head of the administrative office is responsible for the work. The identity of the prosecutor and the report content will be really confidential and if it is received of the report that our company staff is involved in dishonesty, the responsibility group will be set up immediately for investigation. If it is confirmed there is a violation of related laws and regulations or the policies and regulations of our company, the perpetrator will be required immediately to stop related behavior and according to the major circumstances of the act, our company will make the appropriate disposal. When necessary, the perpetrator will be requested for damages by the legal process to maintain the reputation and interest of our company. The specific prosecution reward system is set with the reward criteria based on "Employee Incentives."

II. In "Measures for the prosecution of complaints," the investigation standard operating procedures of the report issues are provided and the head of the administrative office is responsible for dealing with, investigating, and responding the report complaints; the identity of the prosecutor and report content will be indeed confidential.

III. The identity of the prosecutor and the contents of the report will be indeed confidential and the prosecutor will be protected from suffering improper disposal because of the report.

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